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We purchase of 45 years used forklift from its maintenance, sales, rental, we have carried out the maintenance. Exported to every country in the world bought the used forklift from all over Japan, and Various countries of buyers visit us to get buy used forklift.

Currently, we have sales network in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, USA. Annual handling volume of 2,000units, we have handled total 70,000units or more. Also forwarded to countries speedily to suit your needs in the future.

The main export destination (sales network)

  • Asia zone: Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand
  • Europe zone: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Greece
  • North American zone: American
  • South America zone: Chile, Ecuador, Argentina
  • Middle East zone: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt , Turkey,
  • Oceania zone: New Zealand, Australia
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